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03. Oil, Gas, & Wind

Northwest Oklahoma has two major energy sources: Oil and gas, and wind energy.

These industries can greatly affect the surface owner, as well as provide significant income.

Oil & Gas (Mineral Rights)

The oil and gas industry involves two major factors that a landowner needs to be aware of.

The first is to ensure the landowner is receiving a fair and appropriate rental and royalty rate.

This is accomplished by professional and competent lease negotiations.

Second is the placement of the well, pipeline, electrical line, and other infrastructure.

This is accomplished by:

  1. professional and competition lease negotiations regarding these items, and;

  2. an understanding of what is and what is not allowed by statute and rules.

Wind Leases

The wind industry is similar to the oil and gas industry in that it generally involves the same two major factors: Rental rate and placement of infrastructure.

Rental Rate

Unlike the oil and gas industry which involves numerous oil companies, the wind industry involves far less competition and is consequently less prone to favorable lease negotiations.

Infrastructure Placement 

A well-negotiated wind lease will advise the landowner of the potential manners by which their land may be used. Care should also be taken to ensure that remediation will take place in the event of the cessation of operations.

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