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Introducing our law firm

Benson & Houston, PLLC

The longest-continuing legal practice in the state of Oklahoma

Our Law Firm

We are not your traditional law firm.

We seldom, if ever, handle criminal, divorce,

or other similar cases. Rather, our primary focus is on

business-related matters such as real estate transactions,

1031 exchanges, and estate planning and administration. 

We believe this specialization is a substantial edge in helping clients with their business issues, as they are often related, and we can structure a matter to give the client the most advantageous manner of handling their situation.

Our Practice Areas


1031 Exchanges

Interested in a like-kind exchange? This is our specialty!

Take advantage of this tax break (swapping one property for another and deferring capital gains tax) and save money on your

real estate investments.


Real Estate

Let us help you with the complexities of real estate transactions, from contracting

to closing.


Oil, Gas, & Wind

What are your rights and responsibilities as a landowner? We can help you understand energy leases and get the most out of your property. 


Estate Planning
& Administration

From a simple Advance Directive to a full Living Will and/or Trust, we can help make sure your wishes are known and your assets are protected in life and for generations to come.

Dal Houston
Attorney at Law

Attorney Dal Houston

Dal Houston joined the firm in 2003, is the Managing Member, and is very proud to carry on the tradition of the firm. 


Mr. Houston has been a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association since 1996, and his practice consists primarily of real estate transactions, estate planning, estate administration, and 1031 like-kind exchanges. Mr. Houston is the Managing Member of Benson & Houston, P.L.L.C., D.L.H. Exchange Company, L.L.C., and related exchange entities, and the Founder and Managing Member of Farmers & Ranchers Estate Planning and Administration, P.L.L.C. 

Beyond the practice, Dal is a farmer-rancher, horse trainer, high-intensity workout enthusiast, fashionista, and aspiring polo player. 


Dal is also branching out as a mentor, intending to guide many different audiences (but especially young men) in the ways of reasoning and rational thinking, dating, and even personal finance. Dal sees the world through a "logical microscope" and hopes to lend his unique perspective to others who wish to improve their lives. 

A lawyer's time and advice are his stock in trade.

Abraham Lincoln

News & Updates of
Benson & Houston

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We are working to make sure we have helpful, updated information to best serve you.

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